Dasca Cable Services, Inc. (herein referred to as “DCSI” for brevity) acknowledges and deeply values your privacy rights and committed to safeguard your personal data. As you utilize our services, we are gathering and keeping some information about you. Following relevant privacy laws in the Philippines, we outline the fundamental principles that govern how we collect, use, and share your personal information, along with our privacy policies.

  1. PURPOSE OF COLLECTING YOUR PERSONAL DATA - DCSI collects and maintains some information about you during the duration of the use of our services. Following are the purpose of the collection and maintenance of your information:
    1. ONSET OF THE CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP. As a way of establishing the contractual relation, an individual shall sign a FIBERBLAZE Subscription Agreement upon availing our offered services. Prior to that, there is a need for DCSI to determine the eligibility of an individual to its services such that the individual is within the serviceable area, whether there are available slots in the specific area, and whether an individual satisfactorily prove that he/she has the power to enter into a contractual relation. Hence, DCSI gathers, obtains, and processes your information during the application of the avail of our services. Information is being gathered to determine the eligibility of an individual to our offered products and services. During the application information regarding the full name, email address, residential address, contact number, birthday, and age are being taken. Also, incidental to the documentary requirements, any and all information indicated and written thereon may be obtained. Disclosure of the personal information by an individual is strictly voluntary. However, non-disclosure of the same, and if the individual is not willing to provide personal information and documentary requirements, as required by our company to process the application, they shall not be allowed to avail our services.
    2. BUSINESS IMPROVEMENTS. We collect, use, process, and analyze your usage of our products and services so that we can understand how to improve them for your benefit. Our analysis may include some information about your usage, such as the bandwidth you have consumed, and the status of you connection. The analysis of the usage trends may also be used in order to gain a better insight about the kinds of offers that would be relevant to your preferences.
    3. BILLING AND MARKETING OPERATION. Data that have been taken during the application such as name and contact information will also be used for the conduct of the business operation. Particularly, that information will be used to send SMS and contact the subscribers through a phone call regarding their billing. This information may also be used to send advisories and marketing promotional ads to the subscribers.
  2. STORAGE OF OBTAINED INFORMATION. DCSI maintains a system wherein all information of its subscribers are being uploaded, encoded and stored. This system is being used in the daily operation of the company. This system includes the Finance, and Marketing aspects of the company. Information of the subscribers are being processed and monitored to view their personal information, bills, and service/plans subscriptions. However, while DCSI ensures that this system is protected and secured from any and all information breach that may result to a potential leakage of confidential information of our subscribers, DCSI may not however guarantee that this information may be safe from circumstances beyond our control.
  3. DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION TO A THIRD PARTY ENTITY. DCSI guarantees the confidential handling of your personal information is in accordance with the Data Privacy Act. Moreover, our company pledges that your personal information will not be leased, sold, or distributed to unrelated third parties without your consent, except in exceptional circumstances where you have granted permission, as outlined in our policy. In some cases there may be occasions where we need to share your personal information with a third party entity. Following are the list of the third party entity to which your information may be disclosed:
    1. LINEMEN SUB-CONTRACTOR - DCSI contracted a third party service contractor that will be primarily in charged in the installation of our offered services to the qualified applicants. Hence, personal information that was disclosed to our company by an individual upon application such as the name, address, and contact information shall be disclosed to them.
    2. COLLECTION AGENCY/IES - All delinquent subscribers with 180 days of past due (over 6 months) shall be endorsed to the collection agency for collection of the unpaid amount and applicable charges, if any. Prior to the endorsement, DCSI shall give prior notice to the subscriber regarding the same through a SMS to be sent to their registered mobile number. If no payment has been made or no refute has been received from the subscriber, the same shall constitute an implied waiver of privacy on their part and allowing DCSI to endorse the same to the collection agency.
    By accessing this website and subscribing to our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms herein set forth.


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