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It is important to note that DCSI operates exclusively within the City of Dasmariñas, Province of Cavite. Therefore, the products and services described on this website may not be available in all geographical areas in the Philippines. DCSI reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any individual to avail themselves of its offered products or services.

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These terms and conditions ("Terms") supplementarily govern the use of services provided by Dasca Cable Services, Inc. ("DCSI") to the subscriber ("Subscriber"). By subscribing to and using the services, the Subscriber agrees to be bound by these Terms.

The terms and conditions outlined herein shall not, in any way, alter nor amend the FIBERBLAZE subscription agreement that was signed by the existing subscribers upon availing the services of DCSI. The terms and conditions set forth herein shall serve only as supplementary and complementary to the FIBERBLAZE subscription agreement, which primarily governs the contractual relation of DCSI to its Subscribers.

SERVICE DESCRIPTION. DCSI offers residential, business, and lite plan services which include high-speed fiber internet access. Residential plans include bundled Digital Cable TV. For Business plans, the inclusion of Digital Cable TV may be optional, and for lite plans, Digital Cable TV is not included.

Fair use Policy: The Subscriber shall use the services solely for personal and lawful purposes and must not resell, share, or redistribute the services. Residential and lite plans shall only be used exclusively for residential purposes. Violation of this condition shall be subjected to the penalties provided in the fair use policy of the FIBERBLAZE subscription agreement. All plans where digital cable TV is bundled or availed shall have a corresponding program fee to be added on top of the monthly billing.

LOCK-IN PACKAGE. All service plans offered by DCSI shall be subjected to two (2) years of lock-in period.

Under the lock-in period, the Subscriber shall maintain his/her service connection during the said period and shall duly pay his/her internet connection bills for the first two (2) years of the subscription. Should the Subscriber pre-terminate the subscription, the subscriber shall be subjected to an early termination fee plus the remaining unused months and any applicable charges.

SERVICE PLANS AND PRICING. DCSI offers different service plans with varying internet speeds. Details of these plans and their respective prices are available on the DCSI’s website or provided upon inquiry. Prices are subject to change at any time. Additional fees may apply for installation, and other optional services.

SERVICE INSTALLATION. Installation of the service shall be scheduled by DCSI after the subscriber has subscribed to a service plan and satisfactorily submits the documentary requirements.

The Subscriber shall ensure that their premises are accessible and ready for installation at the scheduled time. In the instance that the applicant is not able to assist the installation team of the DCSI, he/she shall provide an authorization to his/her representative to assist in the installation of the services in the premises. Failure to provide an authorization shall be subjected to rescheduling.

DCSI shall install necessary equipment and cables to provide the services. The Customer shall not tamper with or modify or attempt to transfer ownership of the aforementioned equipment. Any unauthorized use, relocation, or disposal of the equipment is strictly prohibited and may result possible legal action against the Subscriber.

SERVICE PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE. DCSI shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the services are available and perform as advertised.

DCSI shall maintain the quality of its Digital Cable Television and Internet Connection services to the best of its ability but does not assume responsibility for interruptions or impairment due to circumstances beyond its control. If Digital Cable TV and Internet Connection Services are not being received properly due to equipment provided by DCSI, the SUBSCRIBER shall immediately report the said incident and the company shall provide a technician by scheduled appointment to make the necessary corrections. If the problem is determined to be caused by SUBSCRIBER’s owned equipment connected to the Digital Cable TV and internet connection wiring, the SUBSCRIBER shall be responsible for the repair thereof, and billing shall continue.

DCSI shall not assume any liability for problems relating to the operations of SUBSCRIBER-owned electronics, devices, or appliances which may be connected to the Digital Cable TV and internet connection wiring.

For residential and business plans, DCSI shall charge the Subscriber with the corresponding maintenance fee.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. DCSI offers customer support services to assist Subscribers with inquiries, technical issues, and service requests. Customer support can be reached by phone, email, or through the DCSI’s website during specified hours of operation.

BILLING AND PAYMENT. The Subscriber shall be billed on a monthly basis for the services provided.

The due date for the payment of the monthly billing shall be at the end of the month. Subscriber who fails to pay the current month bill on or before the due date shall be subjected to disconnection and modem pull out. Should the Subscriber wishes to reconnect the services, corresponding reconnection fee shall be paid. Subscribers that are disconnected within the lock-in period shall be continuously charged as long as the modem equipment is still in their possession.

In general, the fees due to DCSI shall continue to accrue without deductions even in case of service interruption for causes beyond the control of DCSI. However, Subscriber may be entitled for rebate upon concurrence of ALL the conditions herein mentioned: [1] That the loss of internet connection was for six (6) or more consecutive days; [2] That the said loss of internet connection was IMMEDIATELY reported to DCSI; and [3] Such incident was not due to the fault of the Subscriber.

No rebate shall apply under the following circumstances: [1] Damages of DCSI’s equipment (modem and installed cable wires) due to fault of Subscriber or force majeure; [2] Intermittent/Loss of Connection due to inclement weather, fortuitous events, acts of god, and other similar causes; and [2] Unexpected technical problems such as but not limited to Mainline Fiber Cut and emergency outage.

COLLECTION AGENCY AND WAIVER OF PRIVACY. All delinquent Subscribers with 180 days of past due (over 6 months) shall be endorsed to the collection agency for collection of the unpaid amount and applicable charges, if any. Prior to the endorsement, DCSI shall give prior notice to the Subscriber regarding the same through a SMS to be sent to their registered mobile number. If no payment has been made or no refute has been received from the Subscriber, the same shall constitute an implied waiver of privacy on their part and allowing DCSI to endorse the same to the collection agency.

TERMINATION. Subscriber shall only be allowed to terminate the services only after the lapse of the lock-in period. Otherwise, corresponding charges shall be applied.

UnderWhile DCSI acknowledges the right of the Subscriber to access seamlessly its offered services, DCSI shall have the right to immediately terminate the subscription agreement and the services of the Subscriber on any of the following grounds: [1] Unauthorized connection, use, lease, assignment, or transfer of the internet connection services; [2] Subscription fraud discovered after approval of application and unauthorized reception of DCSI’s signal and internet connection, including unauthorized extensions; [3] Grave violation of any of the provisions of this agreement and the rules and regulations of DCSI and other similar causes; or [3] Relocation to an area outside of DCSI’s Service Area.

LAW AND VENUE APPLICABLE. This agreement shall be construed, interpreted, and governed by the laws of the Philippines. Each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts in the City of Dasmariñas, Cavite exclusively, for the purpose of enforcing any right or obligation under or arising out of this.

AMENDMENTS. DCSI reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. Any amendments shall be communicated to Subscribers through reasonable means and shall take effect immediately upon notification.

By subscribing to the services, the Subscriber acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


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